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304 stainless steel angle bar after corrosion need to be passivated

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304 stainless steel angle bar under what circumstances need to be passivation it? 304 stainless steel angle bar when corrosion occurs, the process is essential, and in the case of passivation is 304 stainless steel angle bar needs to be thrown by the erosion.
Passivation treatment method is now mainly: pipe and hand straight and without manifolds can manipulate the stainless steel tube, available passivation paste in the workshop scene. The method is to pipe welding after welding increase in seniors is polished, the residue removal in the weld surface and near oxides, but also its stainless steel qualities, then the average passivation paste with a brush applicator surface to be treated according to timely ambient temperature, determine the passivation time.
Since the passivation paste is a strong acid, not only for fear of destroying the nearby construction site, more importantly, to produce water pollution. Other tools accurate method is to use a clean cloth or rag to wipe like passivation paste, and then water erosion. And to scour the edge, edge with a scouring cloth Passivation, Passivation paste until no residue when after reaching the passivation time, do not rinse with water directly, but use a clean cloth to wipe blunt creams, and then water to wash, rinse and to the side to side with a scouring cloth passivation, 304 stainless steel angle bar‘s surface until no residue and passivation paste is reached.
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