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304 stainless steel angle bar identification method and the reasons for rusty

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304 stainless steel angle bar identification method and the reasons for rust 304 stainless steel angle bar customers often use it to identify the authenticity of the magnet, the magnet does not suck think they believe is true. In fact, this method is to identify the error. In fact, 304 stainless steel angle bar also with magnetic, will rust. Stainless steel is more than 60% of the iron matrix containing a high alloy NI, Mo and other alloying elements, but the biggest feature is the strong corrosion resistance of stainless steel but not definitely not rust. In some coastal areas or areas with serious air pollution, while large chlorine ion content in the air, exposed to the atmosphere in a stainless steel surface may be some rust, the rust is only limited to the surface, it will not erode the internal stainless steel substrate.
Many types of stainless steel, most with a magnetic, therefore, not discriminate 304 stainless steel angle bar with a magnet adsorption scientific method
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