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316 stainless steel pipe was compared with the 317 stainless steel pipe

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317 stainless steel pipe and 316 stainless steel pipe are molybdenum stainless steel pipe. Molybdenum content of 317 stainless steel pipe is slightly superior to 316 stainless steel pipe. Because of molybdenum in steel, the steel grade overall function is better than that of 310 and 304 stainless steel pipe, high temperature, when the concentration of sulfuric acid is less than 15% and higher than 85%, the 316 stainless steel pipes are of general use. 316 stainless steel pipe also has the function of the superior and chloride corrosion so can be used in the ocean.
316 stainless steel pipe pole 0.03, the biggest carbon content can be used for welding means less after annealing and the usefulness of the erosion resistance of greatest demand.
Erosion resistance, erosion resistance function is better than that of 304 stainless steel pipe, in the process of the fruit of the pulp and paper industry has the function of superior corrosion resistance. And 316 stainless steel pipe industrial atmospheric corrosion of ocean and corrosion resistance.
Heat resistance: continuous use under 1600 degrees and 1700 degrees in the following a continuation of the use of 316 stainless steel pipe has good resistance to oxidation function: within the limitations of 800-800 degrees, it is best not to continue the effect of 316 stainless steel pipe, but outside the temperature limitations continued use of 316 stainless steel pipe, the stainless steel pipes has excellent heat resistance. The function of the resistance of 316 stainless steel pipe carbide precipitation is better than 316 stainless steel pipe, can use the temperature limitations.
Heat treatment: in 1850-2050 degrees within the temperature limitations of annealing, and agile annealing, and quick cooling. 316 stainless steel pipe means less overheating treatment for hardening.
Welding: 316 stainless steel pipe with excellent welding function. All the specification of welding method used for welding. When welding, can according to use, to identify by cb, 316 l, 316 or 316 cb filler rod or electrode of stainless steel pipe welding. To get the best corrosion function, 316 stainless steel pipe steel demand for welding with welding section retreat fire treatment. If use316 stainless steel pipe, not demand for welding retreat fire treatment.
Typical use: the pulp and papermaking equipment heat exchange device, dyeing equipment, film washing equipment, pipelines, coastal areas to build things external data.
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