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A summary of the butt welding elbow

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The butt welding elbow and pipe connections such as welding, flange connection, socket welding connection. The butt welding elbow in the actual production, in strict accordance with the certain process and scale of production, strict implementation of international standards, is how much pressure to produce more thick, avoid by all means to cut corners, carried out in accordance with the normal way of process production, make sure the butt welding elbow can show good value and role in the practical work, can fully reflect certain characteristics and value.
Butt welding elbow general is full of a lot of products, its length, roughness can be customized according to customer requirements, the largest diameter can produce up to 2020. In sewage treatment and other needs of large diameter bend place plays a huge role.
Butt welding elbow the basic process is: first, a cross section welding for polygon multi ring shell or blockade on both ends of multi fan shell, internal filled with medium pressure, with inner pressure and internal pressure under the action of cross section of polygonal gradually into a circle, finally become a circular ring shell. According to the requirements, a circular ring shell can be cut into four 90 ° bend or six 60 ° elbow or other specifications of the elbow, the process is suitable for manufacturing elbow pitch diameter and any specifications of large elbow bend diameter ratio greater than 1.5, is an ideal way to manufacture largestainless steel elbow.
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