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According to the field of application of different, what is the classification of welded pipe?

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Welded pipe is mainly used for conveying water, sewage, gas, air, heating steam and other low pressure fluid and other purposes. According to the different application areas can be divided into: wire casing, automotive pipe, transformer tube, welded thin-walled tube, welded pipe and spiral welded pipe.
Wire casing and ordinary carbon steel welding steel tube in concrete and various kinds of structure and distribution engineering, commonly used nominal diameter from 13-76mm. Wire casing wall is thinner, most of the coating or galvanized after the use of cold bending test requirements.
Transformer for manufacturing of transformer radiator tube and other heat exchangers, made of ordinary carbon steel, flattening, expanding export, bending, the hydraulic test tube. Steel pipe to be fixed or double the length of delivery, the bending of the steel pipe has a certain degree of requirements.
Spiral welded pipe: pipe blank, and then welded pipe joints made, it can be used with a narrow strip of steel production of large diameter. Spiral welded pipe is mainly used for oil and natural gas transmission pipeline, the specification of outer diameter * wall thickness. Spiral welded pipe has one side welding and double side welding, welded pipe should ensure that the hydraulic pressure test, the tensile strength of the welded joint and the cold bending properties should be consistent with the provisions.
Welded thin-walled tube: mainly used to make furniture, toys, lamps, etc.. In recent years, with the production of stainless steel tube is widely used, furniture, decoration, fences etc..
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