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According to the node of the stainless steel elbow we can be made into five types

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In hardware fittings, elbow as one of the important parts in connection, plays an important role in the installation. Elbow in stainless steel stairs, handrails are often used as to node, and for this kind of stainless steel elbow, according to its different nodes usually made into five types:
1. With flange refers to the pipe end to the medial or lateral convex and circular edge: in the circumference direction of the tube form a bulge or groove pipe fittings;
2. The stainless steel elbow variable wall thickness of pipe fittings, referring to along the length direction pipe wall thickness changes;
3. Turn straight into different curvature radius of bend, such as elbow, bend, etc.
4. Stainless steel elbow variable diameter pipe fittings, refers to one part of the tube or pipe diameter decreased; With edge and bottom sealing tube, increase the pipe’s overall strength to pipe the inner or outer edge or the pipe end seal pipe fittings;

5. Change the pipe cross section, according to the requirements, the circular cross section is a square, oval, polygon, etc.

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