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According to the sectional shape of steel pipe which classification

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Steel pipe products of steel and variety specification is various, its performance requirements is various.All these should be as user requirements or working conditions of the change of the distinguished. Usually,steel products, according to section shape, production method, the tube material, connecting methods,characteristics and applications with plating classification.

According to the cross-sectional shape steel pipe can be divided into: round Steel pipe and special-shaped Steel pipe.Special-shaped Steel pipe is to point to all kinds of circular cross-section of the pipe. In this article:rectangular pipes, square pipes, elliptic pipes, hexagon pipe, hexagonal inside , not equal sidepipe, tubes hexagonal equilateral triangle pipe, the plum flower pipe, octagonal pipe, etc.. Double hollow tubes, more hollow pipes, melon seeds form pipe, lozenge pipe, flat look star pipe the parallelogram ribbed pipe, drip pipe, inside finned pipe, and different pipe, type B pipe, and type D multiplayer pipe, etc.

According to shape and longitudinal steel can be divided into: section Steel pipe and change such as section

Steel pipe. Variable cross-section (or variable cross-section) Steel pipe is to point to along the length direction of cross-section shape, internal and external diameter and wall thickness in cyclical or the periodical change of steel pipe. Its main have: the tapered tube, tapered tube in the ladder tube, and within the ladder, periodic section tube, corrugated pipe, spiral pipe, heat sink with the Steel pipe and with multiple track of barrels, etc.

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