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Advantages of 316l electromagnetic valve

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Electromagnetic valve of many kinds of materials, divided into brass, cast steel and stainless steel. This paper mainly introduces the electromagnetic valve of stainless steel material, which is mainly made of 316L stainless steel in daily life, sometimes called the 316L stainless steel or titanium.
As everyone knows, the material property is determined by the composition of its chemical composition, so the first to understand the chemical composition of 316L stainless steel and the proportion of each component, the following figures are calculated according to the percentage composition, Si = 1, Mn = 2, Cr:16-18, S = 0.03, P = 0.035, C = 0.03, Ni:10-14. Mo:2.0-3.0. The above chemical composition of 316L stainless steel solenoid valve provides excellent resistance to high temperature and corrosion resistance, so the 316L stainless steel solenoid valve is mainly high temperature solenoid valve and anti-corrosion solenoid valve.
Material for 316L stainless steel high temperature solenoid valve, can be at medium temperature below 700 degrees C scene long action, but also in 1500 C medium temperature short time action. Material 316L stainless steel corrosion protection solenoid valve, in the normal temperature of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and sea water medium and long-term action, or high temperature environment in some corrosive medium short-term action. Also made of 316L stainless steel solenoid valve also has a merit, ordinary stainless steel after welding, usually by annealing steps, but the corrosion prevention solenoid valve 316L stainless steel without this process, save time and cost.
316L stainless steel because the chemical composition of the metal element molybdenum, so in terms of performance, 316L stainless steel is far stronger than 310 and 304 stainless steel, at the same price, 316L stainless steel is also more expensive than 310 and 304 stainless steel. But the strong corrosion resistance of 316L stainless steel in high temperature, such as sulfuric acid concentration percentage to more than 85% or less than 15%, 316L stainless steel solenoid valve can be normal operation, so 316L stainless steel is widely used in the field of electromagnetic valve.

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