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An overview of the reducer three-dimensional entity model of computer modeling method

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From the structure of the sense, the reducer is also called the short tube, variable diameter tube diameter, diameter changes over, variable diameter, reducing nipple joint, reducing pipe, reducing pipe (Swaged Nipples), shrinkage (necking), bushing, cone tube, and the size of the tapered tube, size head, mouth, la beep mouth or reducing joint (reducing coupling), reducing period, variable diameter section, transition section (transition) or expanding pipe fitting (flared fitting), etc., a total of 20 kinds of names, Reducer and reducing pipe is the standard name, the size of the head is daily. Eccentric Reducer (Eccentric reducers), Concentric Reducer and pipe diameter. The bent pipe diameter is also called reducing elbow, flaring elbow.

Reducer three-dimensional entity model of computer modeling method this paper describes the construction of the pipeline accessories reducer classification and ends with straight pipe three-dimensional entity model of the structure of three kinds of common computer drawing method. Skin on a series of circles on the skeleton of the method can accurately describe the structure of the bent pipe diameter, wall thickness and the structure of two end face and the straight pipe end face directly connected joint model of the complete unit can; By the size of the two is cone subtraction can accurately describe the structure of concentric reducer, but the structure of the two ends are connected to the wall thickness of straight pipe should be such as overlapping, and the phase of delivery after deleting the redundant edges to get full joint model; Eccentric reducer wall thickness changes associated with inscribed Angle, regardless of its cross section perpendicular to the axis of the itself or with the control of the axis of the vertical on both ends are not such as wall thickness of the circular, the simple approximate modeling method is directly connected interval is equal to the tube height of two size diameter of straight pipe end. These models are applied to the finite element numerical analysis, for a variety of external load stress distribution of visual display.

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