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Analysis of common quality problems in construction of stainless steel pipe fittings

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Stainless steel pipe fittings, especially the three links, elbow and size of the first class in pipeline engineering construction in the process of using more and more common, this is largely due to its forming good, strong compression ability, simple welding form etc, to ensure the bearing capacity of the pipe, so in the process piping engineering especially in petrochemical and flammable and explosive pipe of high temperature and high pressure,

The reasonable use of stainless steel pipe fittings and the quality of stainless steel pipe fittings are of great importance.


Is solid, especially in the process of pipeline design and installation of high temperature and high pressure in the petrochemical industry and flammable and explosive pipeline engineering, both from the design selection and processing manufacturing, until the construction installation and inspection of each link, the design and manufacturing and installation contractor personnel should strictly, ensure its selection, material, manufacture, installation and inspection of quality, otherwise the device will cause in the process of construction and production loss.

First from the construction process, we find that the quality of the stainless steel pipe fitting is mainly in the following aspects.


1. The wall thickness of stainless steel pipe fittings is uneven

The wall thickness of stainless steel pipe is mainly occurred in the most deformed part of the stainless steel pipe. The wall of the elbow is thin on the other part; The wall thickness of the pipe and stainless steel pipe fittings is different. The provisions of the relevant national standards. The thickness of the wall thickness of the stainless steel pipe should be no more than 1, 2 and 5 of its nominal thickness, but in the field measured, some of the thickness of the wall thickness decreased to 20 ~ 30. For this type of problem, it is often difficult to detect the use of the usual calipers, which can only be detected by the use of ultrasonic thickness gauges.


2. Excessive hardness

The result of the problem of excessive hardness is mainly due to the process of heat treatment after forming. The solution is to use the correct heat treatment process for another heat treatment. This problem can generally be solved


3. Defects caused by materials and processing

Such problems are the most harmful to the safety of the device. It’s a hassle to check. The factors that produce defects are more and more complicated. It has the defects of the material itself, the problems of processing and manufacturing process, and the defects caused by the improper heat treatment process.

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