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Analysis of the use conditions of metal bellows compensator

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The design, manufacture, installation and operation management of bellows compensator is composed of several parts. Therefore, reliability should also be considered in several ways. In the selection of bellows selection of materials used in the heating network, in addition to its work efficiency, but also should consider its medium, temperature and external environment, we must also take into account the stress corrosion, water treatment agent, affects the likelihood of material cleaning pipeline, and on this basis, and the corrugated pipe materials, welding. Molding, material cost and performance, pointed out that the economy of materials and production optimization of corrugated pipe.

In normal circumstances, corrugated pipe material shall meet the following conditions:

(1) high elastic limit, tensile strength and fatigue strength, to ensure bellows work.

(2) good plasticity to facilitate the forming of bellows, and to obtain sufficient hardness and strength through subsequent processing (machining, hardening, heat treatment, etc.).

(3) good corrosion resistance to meet bellows work in different environmental requirements.

(4) good weldability to meet the requirements of the welding process in the production of bellows. For the channel laying heat pipe network, when the bellows in the low-lying pipe, rain or accidental sewage will be soaked, bellows compensator should be considered, such as iron more corrosion-resistant materials, selection of nickel alloy, high nickel alloy and so on. Because of the rising price of this material, corrugated tubes are fabricated, and we can consider an additional corrosion layer on the surface of wear-resistant alloys only in contact with corrosive medium. The type of bellows fatigue life and the failure cause analysis design compensation can be seen that the stability, stability and corrosion of the bellows of this aircraft are two weeks, and the offset shift is associated with the fatigue life. Too low will lead to lower stability and corrosion resistance of metal bellows fatigue life.

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