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Alloy flanges for special characteristics of pipelines and pipelines, and more for high temperature and high pressure. The common materials are 12Cr1MoV, 15CrMo, P91, P22, 10CrMo910 and so on.
Alloy flange is the two large diameter pipe connection device, is usually two flange piece plus a number of fastening bolts. Alloy flange is made of steel flange. Low carbon steel flange with good low strength, the addition of appropriate amount of carbon will become hard, plastic reduce strength. Alloy flange connection may need to bear high tensile, compressive, anti torsion, shear strength, large flange is a better choice.
The main design defect of the alloy flange is that it can not guarantee no leakage. This is less than its design: connection is dynamic, and such as thermal expansion and the ups and downs of the periodic load will cause the movement between the flange, affect flange, so that the flange of the integrity of damaged, resulting leakage. Any product can not have no defects, just try to control the lack of products to the least, so the company in the production of alloy flanges to improve the performance of the product, so that the largest role.

The liquid shrinkage and shrinkage of the alloy in the production of alloy flanges are reduced, which is usually expressed by volume shrinkage, which is the basic reason of the shrinkage porosity and shrinkage defects of castings. Although the solid shrinkage of the alloy is also the volume change, it only causes the change of the external dimension of the casting. Solid shrinkage is the root cause of internal stress, deformation and crack of casting.

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