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One: chemical and petrochemical processing industry in this area involves a wide range, the conditions of complex, diverse media, but also the use of duplex stainless steel earlier and more areas. At present 20 million, large and multiple sets of 10 million tons below in small methanol synthesis reaction is the catalyst pipes are using duplex stainless steel, large and medium-sized device adopts 2205 pipe, using imported pipe is more, small device the domestic 18-5Mo steel pipe. Using the domestic similar DP3 steel 00C25Ni7Mo3WCuN duplex stainless steel do seawater cooler pipe of ethylene plant in Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company catalyst regeneration cooler, water inlet temperature of 40t has been used intermittently for 15 years, the effect is very good. Pulverized coal gasification plant of Henan coal chemical plant the number of cooler are imported 2205 steel pipe manufacturing. In the next 5 years, China petrochemical industry rapid development, construction, the proposed large-scale petrochemical project popularity nationwide, according to the current understanding of the construction and planning of the construction project, and 2005 the petrochemical industries of stainless steel pipe annual demand of about 1.6 million T with the improvement of domestic stainless steel product quality and special grades of product development, application in the future 5 years in China petrochemical industry of stainless steel will continue to increase.
2: duplex stainless steel pipe for petroleum and natural gas industries this is one of the main areas of the abroad application of duplex stainless steel, the laying of oil and gas transportation pipeline has been 1000km domestic only oilfield of the South China Sea and the use of a small amount, all of the imported. In addition, the west east gas transmission project in the west of the Tarim basin gas pipeline to consider the use of duplex stainless steel pipe, the domestic production and production conditions. Oil refining industry is the earliest use made of duplex stainless steel department, Nanjing, Zhenhai, Tianjin, Jinan and other refining and chemical company are more concentrated in often the top lining of vacuum distillation tower (or composite panel) tower components, air cooler and water coolers and other, the longest has been used for 20 years. The production of small size duplex stainless steel seamless pipe, the domestic has been relatively mature, the current urgent need to solve the larger size of seamless pipe and welded pipe production, production processes to be developed. In addition, how to double the price of stainless steel products down, but also a matter of domestic development of duplex stainless steel. Although expand production, production of marketable products is very important, can not be ignored to make use of the new technology and new process, using molybdenum oxide as a substitute of metal molybdenum, nickel oxide instead of metal nickel, reduce smelting costs, promote the use of duplex stainless steel casting technology, to increase the rate of finished products.

Three: duplex stainless steel pipe in chemical fertilizer industry application of chemical fertilizer industry by domestic 0Cr25Ni6Mo3CuN aging strengthening duplex stainless steel, using the wear and corrosion resistance, for urea plant process pipelines of various specifications of the high pressure stop valve etc., the effect is good. Currently used in urea production of CO2 stripping process and ammonia stripping is the high alloy austenitic stainless steel, and titanium, China has begun to in large scale urea plant of ammonium carbamate pump with high chromium centrifugal duplex stainless steel to replace the urea grade 316L stainless steel. Since the 1980s, the engineering company to develop the aces urea process gas stripper, ammonium carbamate condenser and high pressure decomposition tower and three sets of high voltage equipment are used DP-12 containing trace of tungsten and copper 25Cr-7Ni-3Mo-N steel) and R-500Cr25Ni6.5Mo1.5N duplex stainless steel. The former is used to manufacture gas provided, condensing pipe, pipe decomposition and pipeline transportation,, the latter used for high voltage equipment shell. 2005 the petrochemical industries of stainless steel pipe the annual demand of about 7800t is expected in 2010 will increase to 9600t stainless steel the national code of some 10 years without amendment and revision of national standard must consider the duplex stainless steel nano scale and the revised. Abroad for the total yield 80%2205 grades specially formulated products factory inspection of user acceptance specification, also should consider the introduction and absorption, emptiness of the existing test methods and standards to promote duplex stainless steel production and order. In addition, vigorously develop the duplex stainless steel industrial and commercial potential market (such as the construction industry – structure, bridge, concrete with steel, such as manufacturing industry containers, tanks, chemical transport ship, speedboat, tanker; and if the household facilities – high level water tank, an electric water heater, live real water auto pipe) and developed, probation, promotion developed abroad and suitable for national conditions of our country (lack of nickel and chromium) some new varieties (such as low nickel saving diduplex stainless steel) believe that the promotion of duplex stainless steel has a very broad application prospects.

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