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In various industries, the flange is used as a common fastener in the industrial field, and has been widely used. For example, in recent years, due to the continuous improvement of voltage levels, transmission line tower continues to double loop and four loop, such as large-scale development. To meet the design requirements of the new line, the traditional tower has not qualified. In comparison, the advantages of steel pipe tower is the rigidity of the big, the transmission path is clear, the wind pressure is small, so more and more, line tower is more widely used.
The way of connecting the steel pipe tower is usually two kinds, one is the rigid flange connection, the two is the flexible flange connection, the main purpose is to transmit the axial tension. Refers to a rigid flange with stiffening plate between the flange plate and bolt along the pipe is arranged in the direction of stiffening ribs formed.
The characteristics of high rigidity and high neck stainless steel flange is very large bearing capacity and rigidity. The bolt force is uniform, but in a large number of welding, the welding stress and welding distortion, and the setting of the stiffening plate can hinder the weld inspection. In order to avoid the large quantities of welding, so that the flange installation and production more convenient, in the bolts and flange plate, but directly from the flange plate and pipe welding flange, the industry is called the flexible flange. It is characterized by a beautiful appearance, compact, easy to install and easy to produce.
Flexible flanges are now used in a large number of construction projects throughout the country. However, the bearing capacity and stiffness of the flexible flange is relatively small, and the bearing capacity of the flange plate is very large, and the bearing capacity of the bolt is not uniform. Now, for the common flange connection type, that is, the rigid flange and flexible flange, the domestic and foreign scholars have devoted a lot of energy and money to research and experiment.
Noun interpretation of welding neck flange
welding neck flange: high neck, stainless steel flange stiffness, bearing capacity has improved. Compared with butt welded flange, welding workload is big, electrode consumption is high, the high temperature and high pressure, and repeated bending and temperature fluctuations, but the scene is convenient to install, omitting the weld radiographic inspection process, the more popular.
Connection: flange nut, bolt connection
The whole production process: professional forging, forging manufacturing etc.
Processing method: high precision numerical control lathe turning, ordinary lathe precision lathe, argon arc welding and other processing
Manufacturing standards: ASME, ASTM, etc
Application scope: Boiler and pressure vessel, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, metallurgy, machinery, pharmaceutical, food and other industries stamping elbow.
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