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The application of stainless steel pipe in petrochemical industry

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The petrochemical industry including chemical fertilizer industry, the great demand for stainless steel pipe industry, the main use of stainless steel seamless pipe, specifications include: 304, 321, 316, 347, 316L, 317L, 18- in diameter Phi Phi 610, the wall thickness is about 6mm-50mm (usually in low pressure pipeline with a diameter of more than 159mm in size the specific application fields:), furnace tube, material conveying pipe, heat exchanger tube etc.. Such as:

Heat-resistant stainless steel pipe, mainly used for heat exchange and fluid transport, the domestic market capacity of about 160 thousand tons per year, due to strict requirements related, mainly by import.

Duplex stainless steel pipe is mainly used in chemical, fertilizer heat exchangers and fluid tube markets. Because of its high strength, stress resistance, corrosion resistance and economy, its annual consumption is about 4000-5000 tons.

Stainless steel casing, the use of oil drilling in stainless steel super magnetic drill collar, high resistance to CO, CO2 and Cl- corrosion of ferritic stainless steel Cr13 and Cr25 oil casing, according to rough statistics analysis in the amount of more than 10 thousand tons, year after year 3~5 will take approximately 4~5 million tons, while the stainless steel tube at most still rely on imports.

In addition, the petrochemical industry is the potential market for transporting oil pipe and the low-temperature cracking furnace of large diameter, heat and corrosion resistance because of its special requirements and equipment installation and maintenance inconvenience, and requirements of equipment life cycle is long, through the material properties and performance optimization control of material composition and special heat treatment. Another potential market for the chemical fertilizer industry (urea, phosphate) dedicated steel pipe, the main steel grades are 316Lmod and 2re69. At present, the above stainless steel pipes mainly rely on imports.

As an important component of the chemical industry, the petrochemical industry covers many production sectors, such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers, rubber, synthetic materials and other industries. The petrochemical industry is the basic industry of economic development, involving many aspects of the real economy.

A wide range of international oil prices fell in 2008 and stirring the spread of financial crisis, brought hitherto unknown challenge to the petrochemical industry, the first 8 months of September to maintain two digit growth, the growth rate fell sharply in November, growth is close to zero, the negative growth in December, the whole industry boom cycle by high growth in 10 years into the downstream channel. An average of nearly of all oil and chemicals prices fell by nearly 10% in August, according to a ranking of the departments concerned. If you count after July, the whole industry product prices fell by up to 30-40%, not only in the first half of this year accumulated most of the bubble squeezed, even the price of some varieties has been returned to the level of 2007, 2006. At the same time, according to the China petroleum and Chemical Industry Association released data, November to 2008, China petrochemical industry losses of 4360 enterprises, the loss of 14.9%, an expansion of 0.4%; business losses amounted to 160 billion 595 million yuan, an increase of 605.6%.

Therefore, the Sinopec in 2008 industry application of consumption of stainless steel tube is relatively weak, statistics show that about 213 thousand and 700 tons, is mainly used for construction, maintenance and repair related equipment as required for the replacement of a poly phenol plant overhaul of the stainless steel tube is 99.1 tons, of which 108630mm with large diameter stainless steel pipe accounted for 53.79%. Again, a set of 520 thousand tons of urea and 300 thousand tons of synthetic ammonia, large urea plant required process pipelines, heat exchanger tubes, “urea grade” dedicated tubes, duplex stainless steel pipes and other types of steel pipes totaling 2018.5 tons.

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