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Arc length calculation method of the stainless steel reducer

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Stainless steel reducer‘s arc length calculation method for:
For example: stainless steel concentric reducer, a big head radius for R1, capitulum radius R2, high for H,
The three data on the sheet metal drawing is known.
For the convenience of calculation, a big circular arc radius for RD, an Angle for alpha, small head of the radius of the circular arc for RX, (R1, R2) = Δ (R), L size for the length of the lateral projection.
(RD – RX) = L = [(H) ^ 2 + (Δ R ^ 2) ^ (0.5)
RD = (R1 * L) present Δ (R),
RX = (R2 * L) present Δ (R),
An Angle for alpha = [180 x (Δ R)] present (L (PI), unit is degree.
Infidelity reducer according to sheet metal drawing.
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