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Assembling method of general stainless steel pipe fittings

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General stainless steel pipe fittings assembly mode can be divided into roughly two categories: one kind is detachable, non-standard flange, thread and packing methods of connection. Another kind is not detachable type, important is connected by welding method. These two kinds of assembly way have different requirements in the installation.
Detachable when assembling, stainless steel pipe fittings according to the first position is divided into several section of the assembly. This can be done on the ground, also can be set to on installation location. Then from one end of the stainless steel pipe to the other end fixed interface of successive combination; Can also be from line 2 end interface to the middle of successive groups. But in the group of process, must check the deviation of the center line of the pipeline, to avoid due to deviation of finally closed joints hi-lo is too big. But although very attention, the final interface of a small amount of deviation is always free, so generally available to the last paragraph tube site configuration. If it is casting stainless steel pipe fittings with oblique pad and sub can be depended on to correct.
Not detachable type pipe assembly, each joint should be according to the request processing groove, can indoors in advance the field compound welding joint should be indoors. The scene in the compound as steep reducing welding fixed to ensure the quality of joint. Welding construction site shall ensure that are not affected by the wind, rain, snow directly influence of ambient temperature shall be not less than allowed range. To preheat the stainless steel tube joint according to provisions of preheating, stainless steel pipe fittings for common welding environment and preheating requirements.

Weld quality requirements, according to the different level of stainless steel pipe fittings. General requirements of weld shall be no cracks, porosity, slag inclusion. The depth of the bit of meat shall not exceed 10% of the pipe wall thickness, maximum less than 1 mm, and the nondestructive flaw detection for weld internal quality, and the towns.

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