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Both sides of the stainless steel lap joint stub end in chevron wrinkle phenomenon

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The so-called “duck” is on both sides of the nozzle of the two stainless steel lap joint stub end in chevron wrinkle phenomenon. In the elbow on outer surface, appeared the chevron shaped wrinkle.
Cause analysis,
(1) stainless steel lap joint stub end pipe joint baiting size is too long, affects is milled down action.
(2) the horseshoe cross section geometry size is not appropriate. May be on the surface of the water chestnut long axis of the oval (i.e., horizontal diameter) is less than pipe diameter, short axis (perpendicular to the diameter) is too short, when the upper and lower clamping fixture and laminating, periods of excessive, make the neutral surface of tube wall extrusion and formation of the “duck”.
(3) the upper and lower clamping fixture outside the arc diameter stainless steel lap joint stub end diameter, make fluctuation is milled joint clearance is too large, the wall extrusion to form a duck mouth.
Disposal method:
(1) shorten the socket baiting size.
(2) in the long axis and short axis of horseshoe cross section welding, in order to increase the thickness.
(3) modification on either side of the tire under the slide guide, guarantee of concentricity and flat
Line. Or heating is milled and hammer its profile, in order to adjust to shorten the diameter of the stainless steel lap joint stub end outer arc.
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