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Butt welding neck flange: neck flange welding is often referred to as “high hub flange, its purpose is to transfer some of the pressure of pipeline, thereby reducing in Frankie high stress concentration. butt welding neck flange) is one of the best design butt that due to the existence of its own structural value flanges are provided, but the price is relatively high. The reason is that the product of complex production process.
butt welding neck flange can be divided into flat butt welding neck flange, and wonderful butt welding flange. Butt welding flange connection consists of a gasket, 2 slices of butt welding flange and the composition of several bolt and nut. Butt welding flange interface of the pipe diameter and wall thickness as the pipe to be welded, meet two pipe welding, butt butt welding neck flange with straight edge thickness more than its butt joint of steel tube thickness more than 1 mm, straight section length should be at the inner diameter of the flange cut thin, cut thin section Angle should be less than or equal to 1:3.
With the nominal pressure butt welding neck flange, around 1.0 MPa ~ PN25 MPa. PN10Mpa belongs to high pressure butt welding flange. The sealing effect is better, more widely, generally applicable to the temperature or pressure fluctuate dramatically pipe or high temperature, high pressure and low temperature pipes, also used for conveying expensive medium, flammable and explosive medium, toxic gas pipeline on the ring
Junction surface high pressure flange can be used for flammable, explosive, toxic medium and higher pressure, high pressure butt welding flange sealing surface often made concave and convex surface, generally applicable to high temperature and high pressure and low temperature, temperature and pressure fluctuations on pipeline, also used for conveying inflammable, explosive medium, expensive medium pipeline.
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