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Stainless steel pipe products with excellent corrosion resistance, and not easy to rust, it is as I mentioned earlier, its composition containing chromium elements. Combines with oxygen in air and solid surface and form a tight-knit not state oxide, this does not scale membrane can prevent the steel surface oxidation (rust), and can play a role of protecting surface, in order to prevent the corrosion of various corrosion factors.

As a result, such skin membrane corrosion if for some reason, and damage, and in the chromium and oxygen cannot junction, so will start to rust stainless steel pipe.

1. When the road construction, construction engineering, or walking all kinds of vehicles, by its flying sand soil, dust, iron powder, such as the attachment.

2. By cars, buses and other harmful material such as sulfurous acid content in the exhaust gas pollution.

3. Affected by various industrial and mining waste incineration, building warm and cool gas and dust, elimination of harmful ingredients in exhaust pollution.

4. The hot spring area produce corrosive gas pollution.

5. Polluted by coastal sea breeze contains salt adhesion.

6. The cleaning solution to pollution. Polluted by grain hands dirty.

7. Protected by surface with mucous membrane pollution.

However, as long as eliminate corrosion reason and make chromium can combine with oxygen, so that will produce again not scale membrane, and restore its corrosion resistant function. stainless steel pipe, which is a metal which is not easy to rust, but not absolutely not rusty metal. On the basis of different conditions of use or the use of the environment, will also be contaminated and rust. You don’t think stainless steel pipe is not rust, neglect the daily maintenance, wait for contamination, rust is the most serious, and in a ticket to do clearance, such measures are the most down.

Make the stainless steel pipe with pollution, the cause of the rust, have a lot of kinds, but in general, are affected by composition of phytoplankton iron powder or harmful gas in the atmosphere, because of adhesion, accumulation, and the wind caused by salt contained in the attachment. These attachments will gradually gathered, add moisture and fixation, so that damage does not scale membrane on the surface of the stainless steel pipe, and breach of the skin membrane regeneration effect, and stainless steel pipe began to rust.

The rust of the initial state, do clear is more simple, can restore the original state. Even after long placed, as long as the proper cleanup, also can restore the appearance of the slightly different than the original condition. So that the rust of the stainless steel pipe, it’s just the surface, rather than the corrosion of material itself. This and raw steel rust, is fundamentally different. Therefore, stainless steel pipe can sometimes be rusty, but as long as they often do maintenance, you can always keep the stainless steel pipe was beautiful.

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