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Characteristics and applications of hot rolled stainless steel plate

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Although the conventional hot rolling stainless steel plate surface quality is poor, but in fact only for surface oxidation and finish low, other performance is good, such as plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength were higher, to corrosion of acid and alkaline gas and solution medium, and is also a kind of not easy rusty alloy steel material.
If hot rolled stainless steel plate is washed and removed after pickling, it will become hot rolled and pickled stainless steel plate. This kind of plate can partly replace the application of cold rolled stainless steel plate, and the price is cheaper, and the popularity is relatively high.
The hardness of hot-rolled stainless steel plate is relatively low, so it is easier to be processed, and the ductility is better. Most of hot-rolled stainless steel plates are moderately thick plates. The cold rolled stainless steel plate made from hot rolled stainless steel plate has higher strength and better surface finish. It is usually used as sheet metal and can be used as a stamping plate.
And in the field of application, hot rolled stainless steel plates are also surprising. More areas of use include cold rolling raw plates, automobile steel, structural steel, weatherproof steel, high pressure vessel steel and so on. The following will be listed.
First look at the structural steel and the hot rolled stainless steel plate can be used to produce common structural steel and welded structural steel, mainly used for steel structure parts, bridges, ships and vehicle production.
In weathering steel, adding a certain amount of special elements in the hot rolled stainless steel plate, such as phosphorus, copper and carbon, the board will have excellent corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance, can be used to produce containers and special vehicles, can also be made into structures.
The high strength hot rolled stainless steel plate with good welding performance for automobile structure can be used for the production of automobile structure.
The hot rolled stainless steel plate can be made into the original plate of cold rolled stainless steel to make all kinds of cold rolled stainless steel plate products, such as color stainless steel plate, etc. In addition, the hot-rolled stainless steel sheet also has better processing performance and compressive strength, so it can also be used to make high-pressure gas pressure vessels filled with acetylene gas with less than 500 inner volume.
In addition to the above applications, the hot rolled stainless steel plate itself has good corrosion resistance. After the corresponding processing technology, it can also be applied to the fields of food industry, petrochemical industry, aerospace and medical devices.
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