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Characteristics of stainless steel welded pipe and its processing technology

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Stainless steel welded pipe is also called pipe, most of which is a stainless steel tube which is made of stainless steel tape after curling the equipment. Its production and processing technology is simple and efficient, the specifications are varied and the investment is low, but the strength of the product is generally lower than that of the seamless steel pipe.

With the continuous progress of production technology of high-quality stainless steel strip rolling and rapid development of welding technology, welding quality is more and more high, varieties and specifications of welded steel pipe is also increasingly diverse, and in more and more fields especially in the heat exchanger tube, decorative tube, etc. in the low-pressure fluid pipe effectively replacing seamless steel prices more expensive.

There are two characteristics of stainless steel welded pipe, one is the small diameter stainless steel welded pipe is continuous online production, the thicker the wall is, the higher the investment of the unit and the melting equipment, the lower its economic and practical. The thinner the tube wall is, the lower the input output ratio will be, and the technology of the product will also decide its characteristics. The accuracy of the ordinary welded steel pipe is higher, the wall thickness is even, the brightness inside the tube is also high, and it can be arbitrarily fixed. So it shows its good economy and beauty in the field of high precision, medium and low pressure fluid application.

The welding characteristics of this kind of welded pipe can be divided into two kinds according to the welding process: automatic welding and manual welding. Automatic welding is usually used by submerged arc welding and plasma welding, and manual welding is usually used for argon arc welding.

There are many ways to divide the stainless steel welded pipe. According to the weld style, straight welded pipe and spiral welded pipe can be divided into common welded pipe, heat exchanger tube, condenser tube, galvanized welded pipe and so on.

And the weight calculation formula of stainless steel welded pipe is (outer diameter – wall thickness) x wall thickness x0.02491x length = weight (kg)

The strength of the spiral welded pipe in the stainless steel welded pipe is usually higher than that in the longitudinal welded pipe. Generally, the welded pipe with smaller diameter is welded by straight seam, while the large diameter welded pipe is mostly welded by screw. Add a little knowledge, because stainless steel welded pipe is mainly made of stainless steel band, so in general cases, welded pipe is not comparable to seamless steel pipe in people’s eyes.

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