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Chemical piping design and layout of content mainly includes the design and calculation of pipeline and pipeline layout design of the two parts content. Calculation in the design of pipe including pipe diameter, pipe pressure drop calculation, pipe insulation thermal insulation engineering, selection of pipe stress analysis and thermal compensation calculation, pipe fittings, calculating steam-water pipes and other content; Piping layout design of the main content is to design drawing said pipe connection in spatial position. The valve parts, pipe fittings and control instrument installation of pattern. Specific content as follows.
(1) to choose pipe material. According to the chemical nature of the medium, flow, temperature, pressure and other factors. Economic and reasonable to choose pipe material.
(2) to choose medium velocity. According to the state of the nature of the medium, conveying, viscosity, composition, and connected to the equipment, flow, etc. With reference to the table data. Choose reasonable and economical medium velocity.
(3) determine the pipe diameter. According to the medium flow rate and flow velocity. Through calculation, graph or table. Determine appropriate diameter.
(4) determine the wall thickness. According to the pressure of the medium and the selection of pipeline material, wall thickness is determined. In fact, given in the table of pipes. Selection of pipe wall thickness is limited. According to the nominal pressure of the selected wall thickness are generally can meet the requirements of the strength of the pipe. For pipeline design. Often choose some medium pressure. Or wall thinner pipe. Pipe strength check, to check up on the wall thickness of the identified whether meet the requirements.
(5) determine the pipeline connection. Between pipe and pipe, pipe and equipment. Between pipe and valve. There is a connection between equipment and valves method problem. There are connections, such as diameter range also has a diameter connection, according to the pressure of pipes, pipe diameter, medium, properties, USES, the use of the equipment or pipeline maintenance state, determine the connection mode.
6. Valves and pipe fittings. Medium in the process of transportation pipe. There are points, close, turn, variable speed, etc., in order to ensure the safety of the process requirements and. You also need to various types of valves and fittings. According to the situation of equipment layout and process, the safety requirements. Choose the right elbow, tee, reducer, flange pipe fittings and all kinds of valves, etc.
All landowners to choose pipe thermal compensator. Pipelines often there is temperature difference during installation and use, winter and summer use often also has very big difference in temperature, in order to eliminate the thermal stress. The first thing to calculate the heat pipe expansion length. Then the method of eliminating thermal stress is considered: when the low thermal expansion length by the turning of pipe, pipe, fixed compensation nature; When large thermal expansion length. Should from the waveform, square, arc, sleeve type etc. Various kinds of thermal compensation to choose the appropriate thermal compensation form.
Today adiabatic forms, the thickness of the insulation blanket and thermal insulation material selection. According to the characteristics and technical requirements of pipeline medium, selected adiabatic approach: thermal insulation, heat protection, or cold. Then according to the medium temperature and the surrounding environment. By calculation or look-up table to determine the tube wall temperature. Then by calculating, table or graph to determine the thickness of the insulation blanket. According to the pipe environment (vibration, temperature, corrosive), the service life of pipelines, based on convenience and cost factors, choose the appropriate thermal insulation materials and auxiliary materials. Need to mention is. Should calculate the heat pipe heat loss. And other design team to provide information.
Pet-name ruby piping layout. First of all, according to the production process, the nature of the medium and flow, the position of the related equipment, environment, operation, installation and maintenance, and so on and so forth. To determine the pipeline laying way – in Ming or dark set. When second pipeline layout, arrangement in vertical plane and horizontal and configuration. The distance between the tube and tube and distance of the wall, pipe grade. Pipe wall and floor. Connect with situations such as pipeline and equipment, in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Attending to calculate pipeline resistance loss. According to the actual length of pipe. Pipe connected to the equipment, the relative elevation of the pipe, tube medium. The actual velocity and medium flows through the pipe fittings, valves, etc. To calculate the pipeline resistance power loss. In order to check check the selected pump, to choose equipment, pipeline, etc. The foregoing steps is correct and reasonable. Reporting loss calculation of the pipeline resistance, of course. Not all the pipe are all calculated. Want to choose some typical pipe is calculated. When problems arise, or change the pipe diameter. Or change the pipe fittings, valves, or re-election of transportation equipment or other equipment such as pump capacity.

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