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China ‘s stainless steel pipe industry barriers

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Industrial stainless steel pipe is widely used in various industries, different industries and applications for the quality of steel, performance requirements there is a big difference. Low-end market access to the lower threshold, and some applications in high temperature, high pressure, deep cold, high vacuum, strong corrosion, flammable and explosive and other complex conditions of high-end industrial stainless steel pipe market, especially used in petroleum, chemical , Natural gas, power equipment manufacturing industries such as industrial stainless steel pipe, there is a high industry barriers.

    (1) Production license

    Due to the important role of industrial stainless steel pipe in the safe production and operation of special industries, China has set up a production license system for the production of stainless steel pipes for oil and gas industry, stainless steel pipes for boilers and pressure vessels, and stainless steel pipes for civil nuclear safety facilities. For enterprises that do not have the corresponding production license, it is not allowed to carry out the production and sales activities of related products.

According to the “Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations” and “on the oil and gas industry with welded steel pipe and other types of industrial products to implement special equipment manufacturing license management notice” and other provisions, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine by the professional category to develop a special equipment Licensing rules and related technical specifications, provisions of the pressure pipeline components of industrial stainless steel pipe enterprises must obtain the appropriate special equipment manufacturing license.

According to the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Civil Nuclear Safety Equipment and the Detailed Rules for the Design and Installation of Civil Nuclear Pressure Equipment Design and Installation License, the enterprises engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of stainless steel pipes for nuclear facilities must obtain the design of civil nuclear safety equipment / Manufacturing license, the State Council nuclear safety supervision departments of the applicant to apply for a higher application conditions, and conduct a rigorous review.

    (2) Qualified supplier qualification

    Industrial stainless steel pipe as the basic equipment in the system engineering, safety production is of great significance, almost all of the large industrial customers will be as a key equipment management, industrial stainless steel pipe suppliers to implement strict screening procedures, Qualified supplier qualification system, and only from the qualified supplier of qualified enterprises to select suppliers. The system of industrial stainless steel pipe manufacturing enterprises in the industrial scale, credit, product quality, production capacity, after-sales service and many other areas of extensive and rigorous assessment, only through the assessment and long-term meet the conditions of industrial stainless steel pipe production enterprises Obtain qualified supplier qualification.

    (3) product safety record

    Large industrial users in addition to the establishment of qualified supplier qualification system, but also the supplier of related products before the safe use of performance assessment. In the field of oil and gas, power equipment, nuclear power and other fields, large industrial users out of product quality and durability considerations, the relevant industrial use of stainless steel pipe to make clear the performance requirements, usually will not choose no The use of recorded products, so for the emerging industrial stainless steel pipe enterprises to enter the market set up a higher access barriers.

    (4) technical and equipment requirements

    Industrial stainless steel pipe industry is technology-intensive. On the one hand, with the development of new materials such as super duplex steel, nickel base alloy, corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant alloy, stainless steel deep processing is facing increasingly high technical requirements; on the other hand, oil, chemical, natural gas, power equipment and other downstream Industry for industrial stainless steel pipe material, length, diameter, wall thickness, quality, corrosion resistance and other requirements tend to diversify, making the application of stainless steel pipe more and more obvious. Industrial stainless steel pipe enterprises need to maintain a high level of technology and research and development capabilities, improve the application of new technologies, new materials and new technology. At the same time in order to meet the needs of differentiated products to meet the safety requirements of high-end products and quality standards, enterprises need to invest more advanced production, testing equipment and facilities. Industrial stainless steel pipe production enterprises need people, technology and equipment, and so has a profound experience of accumulation.

    (5) capital requirements

    Industrial stainless steel pipe is also a capital-intensive industry, on the one hand, stainless steel round steel, sheet and other raw materials in the production of a large proportion of the production costs, enterprises need to invest a lot of money for the procurement of raw materials to meet production requirements; , The production of industrial stainless steel pipe with expensive production equipment and testing equipment, enterprises in the preparation and production process into a huge, high capital requirements of the enterprise.

    1, favorable factors

    (1) national industrial policy to promote the development of the industry

As the basic material of industrial field, industrial stainless steel pipe is widely used in China’s equipment manufacturing industry, equipment manufacturing industry is the national economy to provide technical and equipment industry, strategic industries, and other industries associated with high technology-intensive, industry Upgrading, an important guarantee for technological progress and a concentrated expression of national comprehensive strength.

      The National Development and Reform Commission promulgated the “industrial structure adjustment guide directory (2011 this)” clearly “stand-alone 600,000 kilowatts and above supercritical, ultra supercritical unit power plant construction”, “nuclear power plant construction”, “crude oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, Refined oil storage and transportation and pipeline transportation facilities and network construction “and other large areas of industrial use of stainless steel pipe as a encouraged category. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued by the “major technology and equipment independent innovation guide directory (2012 edition)” will “nuclear power unit”, “million kilowatt-class ultra-supercritical thermal power units”, “million tons of ethylene plant”, ” Pipeline equipment “and” large-scale natural gas liquefaction equipment “as the focus of the development of independent innovation technology and equipment, will promote the development of industrial stainless steel pipe industry.


    (2) equipment localization policy to provide development opportunities

    To promote China’s equipment manufacturing industry independent innovation and industrial upgrading, China’s “equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan” clearly put forward the domestic equipment to meet the domestic market satisfaction rate of about 70% of the planning objectives, the relevant state departments in accordance with the above objectives Development and deployment of major areas of major industrial equipment with stainless steel pipe localization program, PetroChina, Sinopec and other large enterprise groups have also set up a domestic equipment steering group to promote the application of domestic industries related to the process of industrial stainless steel pipe for industrial use The stainless steel pipe industry provides an opportunity for development.

    (3) infrastructure construction to promote the industry demand

    Infrastructure construction is one of the main driving forces of China’s economic growth. With the development of China’s urbanization and industrialization process, the investment in fixed assets will continue to be an important force to promote China’s economic development. , Power and energy industries, key projects and key projects started construction, by the 2008 financial crisis and 11 years of European debt crisis is not affected. Steady growth in fixed asset investment in these sectors has led to a sustained increase in the demand for industrial stainless steel pipes.


    2, unfavorable factors

    (1) low-end market competition, irrational industrial structure

Domestic stainless steel pipe manufacturing enterprises, large, medium and small enterprises coexist, currently have the ability to produce used in petrochemical, natural gas and power equipment industry, high corrosion-resistant oil and gas pipe, LNG pipe, ultra supercritical power plant boiler, nuclear equipment Pipe and other high-end industrial stainless steel pipe business less, most of the products concentrated in the low-end market, industry competition, production and operation of extensive, low level of profits, anti-market risk ability is weak. The above structural problems are not conducive to the overall competitiveness of the industry continue to improve.

    (2) high-end market foreign enterprises have a certain competitive advantage

Although China’s industrial stainless steel pipe enterprises in the high-end market output, technology, improve the quality of the rapid, but with some international outstanding enterprises still exist a certain gap. Foreign outstanding enterprises after a long period of accumulation in the application of materials, production technology, equipment and testing has certain advantages, these companies monopoly of some special conditions under the high-end industrial stainless steel pipe market segments. With the rise of domestic enterprises, these international manufacturers to use their own cost and technological advantages, establish a high competitive barriers, resulting in domestic enterprises to enter the high-end market is more difficult, making the domestic enterprises can not share high-end market high profits, With the stainless steel pipe industry to enhance the technical level and product quality, improve profitability had a negative impact.

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