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How to choose a good stainless steel joint

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The stainless steel joint is made of stainless steel, which has the advantages of compact structure and high strength. Steel pipe and stainless steel joint connection is reliable, beautiful appearance; how to choose a good joint products?

1, the type of fluid, temperature (please select the type of fluid, the temperature of the body material and sealing material of stainless steel joint), according to the fluid, suitable for the body material, sealing material is different

2, the pressure of the liquid (please select suitable for the pressure of the fluid pressure resistance of the stainless steel joints), fluid pressure is also the key to the selection of quick joints. Corresponding to the pressure resistance, the structure of the stainless steel joint is also different.

3 stainless steel joint use of the environment (stainless steel joint structure, material select suitable in the environment), combined use of environmental humidity, dust, and easy corrosion of the use of the environment, to consider the type and material of body selected stainless steel joints.

4, the installation of the shape, size (please determine the final shape, size, order products)

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