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Classification and characteristics of stainless steel bellows

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The common metal bellows are basically made of thin – walled stainless steel welded pipe. It can be used to transport various kinds of industrial gases, such as water, oil, medicine and other fluid medium. It can play an important role in reciprocating movement of pipeline, absorption of heat expansion system, absorption of vibration and adjustment of piping center.

It features five main aspects, the first is convenient for construction, because the stainless steel corrugated pipe is a thin-walled tube, total weight, reduce the construction load and construction time greatly; secondly is the corrosion resistance is high, because the main body of the corrugated tube is made of 304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel, and both use stainless steel joint or the carbon steel joint, excellent sealing performance and good corrosion resistance; stainless steel corrugated pipe has good pressure resistant performance; the materials of various kinds, even with the needs of users and customization; and stainless steel bellows and beautiful appearance, can be.

The stainless steel bellows are based on the different wave types, including two kinds, which are circular corrugated tubes and spiral bellows.

The pattern of the ring bellows is a tubular shell with a closed circular ring, which is formed in series between the wave and the wave. Circular bellows can be processed by seamless steel pipe or welded pipe. Limited to the processing technology, the length of the single tube is generally shorter than the spiral bellows. But the advantage is that the elasticity is better and the stiffness is low.

The spiral corrugated tube is a corrugated tube with a spiral shape. There is a spiral angle between the two adjacent waves. All corrugation can be connected by a spiral line.

The stainless steel corrugated soft tube according to use can be divided into metal bellows, bellows, bellows tube heat exchanger, diaphragm and Hengchang metal hose etc.. Metal bellows are mostly used to compensate for pipeline thermal deformation, shock absorption and pipeline settlement and deformation, etc., which are widely used in petrochemical, aerospace, power, metallurgy and other industries.

A tubular elastic sensitive element that is connected in a folding and telescopic direction with a foldable wrinkle piece. The opening end is fixed and the seal end is in free state. It is the use of auxiliary spiral spring or reed to increase elasticity. At work, the length of the stainless steel tube is extended in the direction of the internal pressure, and the displacement of the active end can be caused by the pressure. The active end leads the pointer directly to indicate the size of the pressure. Bellows are usually combined with displacement sensors to form pressure sensors that output electricity, and sometimes used as isolation elements. Because of the stretch of ripple tube for volume changes greatly, so the response speed of the Bourdon tube below. The bellows are suitable for measuring low pressure.

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