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Classification and terminal application of stainless steel pipe

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Stainless steel pipe according to the material points are mainly ordinary carbon steel pipe, high-quality carbon structural steel pipe, alloy structural pipe, alloy steel pipe, bearing steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and bimetallic composite pipe, coating and coating pipe. Stainless steel tube of many varieties, uses are also different, their technical requirements are not the same, the production methods are also different.

Divided by the mode of production, there are two seamless stainless steel pipe and welded pipe, seamless steel pipe can be divided into hot-rolled pipe, cold-rolled tubes, cold drawn tubes and extruded tubes, cold drawn, cold rolled stainless steel tube Secondary processing, welded pipe has a longitudinal welded pipe and spiral welded pipe.

Divided by the cross-sectional shape, stainless steel tube with a round tube and shaped tube. Shaped pipe and rectangular tube, diamond-shaped tube, oval tube, the six-tube, P Plus and a variety of sections of asymmetric steel. Shaped pipe is mainly used in a variety of structural parts, tools and mechanical parts. Compared with the round tube, shaped stainless steel tube generally has larger moment of inertia and section modulus, stronger bending resistance and torsion resistance, which can greatly reduce the weight of the structure and save the stainless steel.

Stainless steel pipe according to vertical section shape can also be divided into sections such as cross-section pipe and variable cross-section tube. Variable cross-section pipe, including tapered pipe, stepped pipe and periodic cross-section pipe.

Divided by the tube end shape, stainless steel tube light pipe and tube two. Tube can also be divided into ordinary car wire and thread pipe and special.

Divided by purpose, stainless steel pipe can be divided into oil well pipe, pipe line, boiler tube, mechanical pipe, hydraulic prop tube, cylinder tube, geological tube, chemical tube and marine tube.

Stainless steel pipe is used in a wide range of applications more areas of the automotive industry, petrochemical industry, and fluid transport.

Which used in the automotive industry is the main exhaust pipe stainless steel tube system, and most of the ferritic stainless steel. Exhaust gases from the car engine pass through the exhaust gas intake pipe, the front pipe, the hose, the converter, and the center pipe finally flow out of the muffler. Exhaust system commonly used steel 409L, 436L and so on. Automotive mufflers mainly use stainless steel welded pipe.

In the petrochemical industry, including fertilizer industry, the demand for stainless steel pipe is very large, commonly used stainless steel seamless pipe, made of 304,321,316,316 L, 347,317 L, etc., outside diameter ¢ 18- ¢ 610 or so, wall thickness In 6mm-50mm or so. In addition water and gas and other fluid delivery is also commonly used stainless steel tube, this tube corrosion resistance than other pipe materials are stronger.

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