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Blind flange is also called blind plate, name is called the flange cover. Is the middle flange without hole, for sealed pipe plug. Sealing surface sort is more, in the form of a plane, convex and concave and convex surface, grooved surface, RTJ.
Flange connection may need to bear very high tensile, compression, torsion, shear strength, stainless steel blind flange is a better choice. Stainless steel stainless steel blind flange isolation, to cut off the role, and the role of the head, tube cap is the same, because the stainless steel blind flange sealing performance is good, for need complete isolation system, generally as a reliable means of isolation.
The production technology of the stainless steel blind flange consists of forging, casting, cutting system, these three. Stainless steel blind flange forging process generally consists of the following processes, namely the selection of high quality steel billet blanking, heating, forming, cooling after forging. Forging process method have free forging, die forging and forging of membranes. Production, according to the size of the forging quality, production batch much choice different forging method.
Stainless steel blind flange can be used to check the mouth opening, its performance characteristics: non rigid connection, can tear open outfit, tensile resistance. Stainless steel blind flange connection method usually as a removable on low pressure pipeline fittings, commonly used on the pipeline, the pipeline on both sides of the loose bolts can rotate, tighten again can convenient dismantling the pipe material is carbon steel flange is called carbon steel flange, stainless steel blind flange is two large diameter pipe connection device, usually two flange and number of the bolt.

Stainless steel socket type blind flange connection method is suitable for 32-315 – mm diameter from phi pipe connection, its performance characteristics: non rigid connection, can tear open outfit, tensile resistance. Install the socket type and shorten the pipe fittings, must use the fixed anchor pipe clamp, in order to prevent the movement of the socket pipe position in heat bilges cold shrink. Blind plate, and a figure 8, shaped like a figure 8 is blind plate at one end, and the other end is throttling ring, but of the pipe diameter and the diameter of the same, not the throttling effect. Eight blind plate, easy to use, need isolation, using stainless steel blind flange side, need to normal operation, the use of throttling ring end, at the same time can also be used to fill the piping installation of stainless steel blind flange clearance.

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