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Connection classification, anticorrosion treatment and application of socket pipe fittings

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Socket pipe fittings, mainly by the round steel or steel ingot mould forging blank molding, and then the lathe machining molding of a high pressure pipeline connection fittings.
Socket pipe fittings’ wall often will produce the amount of corruption, the are good inspection and management, guarantee to ensure the good application features and value of socket pipe, in accordance with accurate method and way for application and promotion. Socket pipe corrosion to in accordance with certain ways and means of disposal and cozy, guaranteed to according to certain principle is applied, so the bearing in the application of pipe has good corrosion. Produce corruption, usually said the wall plug fittings for bearing is thinner and has local pits and pitting.
The connecting pipe can be divided into three forms: socket weld connections, welded connections, threaded connections. Intubation conditions to withstand the pressure rating, the general bearing in welding, butt welding connection form pipe fittingpressure level is divided into 3000LB SCH80, 6000LB SCH160, 9000 XXS). Thread connection pipe fittings pressure level is divided into 2000LB, 3000LB, 6000LB.
Socket pipe fittings are mainly used in oil, chemical industry, medicine and health, electric power, aerospace, military, fire protection, metallurgy, shipbuilding, gas, nuclear power, and environmental protection requirements under high pressure, size precision and other departments and fields.
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