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Connection methods of stainless steel pipe fittings and their advantages and disadvantages

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There are many ways to connect the stainless steel pipe fittings, the main ones are the pressure-type connection, the ring pressure connection, the flange connection, the groove connection, the welding connection and the taper thread connection. They are both good and bad, and in practice they need to find the best way.

Compression coupling

The connection principle of this method is to use the hydraulic clamp to clamp the stainless steel pipe fitting on the pipe, and to achieve the stop water effect with O ring seal, thus having the connection effect. Although this way is simple, but the wall is thin, only too low connection strength to around a third of the pipe body and pipe cannot remove, stainless steel pipe port burr, flash removal without clean easily damaged aprons, easy to leak in the future.

Ring pressure connection

The principle of ring pressure connection is to use hydraulic forceps to tighten the stainless steel pipe fitting on the pipe, and to stop the water with the wideband rubber sealing ring to achieve a good connection effect. Because this way more than the viega profi-press a pit, so is slightly stronger than the viega profi-press connection strength, moreover is pit due to the ring type, so easy to turn the pipe, it will affect the sealing effect of the whole.

Flange connection

The method principle of flange connection is to use tightening bolts to connect two connecting pieces with flange pieces, then the corresponding connection effect can be achieved by sealing the plane seal. The advantage is that the connection strength is high quality and stable, easy to install and detachable, but the disadvantage is that the cost of flanges is high.

Groove connection

The principle of this method is to use a tight fitting nut, the expansion of a convex ring of stainless steel pipe and tube axial compression, and then through a conical seal water effect, so as to achieve a wireless connection. The advantage is removable, the disadvantage is that the installation process increases the process of pipe end rolling ring, the casting cost is high, and can not be used in the pipeline with negative pressure.

Welding connection

The connection principle of this method is to weld the two connectors directly through the hot melt process to reach the connection. Its advantage is high bonding strength, but the disadvantage is that the scene the seam gas protection welding at the mouth of the hard to improve, weld easy to rust, this will reduce the service life of pipeline, and installation quality to a large extent depends on the welding technology, so the stability of the quality is not high.

Taper thread connection

Is directly to tighten the connection principle of stainless steel pipe fittings, the tapered pipe thread with two fittings tighten internal and external interface to connect mouth thread pressure to achieve sealing effect, so as to complete the connection. Its advantage is easy to remove, joint strength reached the strength of pipe body, simple installation and easy, quality reliable, stable, and the pipe wall thin leads to lower costs, in addition if the external thread interface ptfe teflon tape, need strength, but if you use liquid ribbons, is basic guarantee interface does not leak for a long time.
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