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Correlation analysis of water hammer in pipeline for bellows compensators

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Bellows compensators are also known as expansion joints and expansion joints. They consist of bellows (an elastic element) which comprise the main part of the work, and end pipe, bracket, flange, pipe and so on. Is a size change with deformation compensation device to effectively use telescopic elastic element and bellows reasons to absorb pipeline, conduit or vessel by thermal expansion and contraction resulting, belongs to a compensating element. The absorption of axial, transverse and angular displacement can be applied to the heating displacement, mechanical displacement, absorption of vibration and noise reduction in pipes, equipment and systems. It is widely used in modern industry.

1. compensating the axial, transverse and angular thermal deformations of the absorption duct.

2. expansion of bellows compensator to facilitate the installation and disassembly of valves and pipes.

3. vibration absorption equipment to reduce the impact of equipment vibration on the pipeline.

The deformation of the pipeline 4., absorption of seismic subsidence.

In the pipeline water hammer has a lot of requirements of bellows arrangement, because the elbow or the pipeline is located, water hammer is more, but the pipeline is rigid, water hammer resistant ability, corrugated compensator is a flexible body, can not resist the water hammer pressure shock wave vibration force moment series, causing damage from damage the site, a corrugated, two is a diversion, and the weakest link is the corrugated corrugated compensator, the water hammer caused by the result of the corrugated deformation and fracture, diversion or tear down, serious harm to network security.

The solution to prevent water hammer damage: in addition to reasonably determine the thermal load according to the corresponding diameter, targeted set of hydrophobic effectively and timely, in the design layout of the compensator, also should be improved. That will turn away from the bellows elbow and fixed bracket, in close to the other side of the bracket, so even in the presence of a small amount of water in the pipeline, but the role of position away from the compensator, can greatly reduce the water hammer caused by the destruction of the bellows. In addition, the external pressure compensator can be used to improve the form of the diversion sleeve, and also can play a certain role in preventing water hammer. Water hammer has great influence on ripple compensator.

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