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Daily degreasing methods of stainless steel pipe fittings

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Stainless steel pipe fittings if the outer surface of the dirt, to use clean water rinse, and natural drying. Then use dry cloth soaked in solvent wipe erase oil, put in the open-air drying.
Stainless steel tube surface such as a rust and dirt, etc., can be the first to use circular steel wire brush and cloth binding in thick wire or thin steel rope, penetrated into the pipe back and forth pull brushes (large caliber pipe fittings also available hoist and drag brush), and then use steam or water through washing into the, then the compressed air or exhaust fan will blow in pipe can be skimmed. Dry in the tube filled with go to the Pengo (15-20% is filled in the tube degreasing. The end of the first plug is blocked to the volume of solvent debinding band bending pipe should be appropriate to increase the degreasing solvent), and the other end is blocked, flat on the clean or placed in a tie with the work table soak 1 to 1.5 hours, and every 15 minutes to rotate a stainless steel pipe fittings, successive should soak parts (also the tube immersed in the solvent debinding closed long shoot skim), and then the tube in solvent poured out, exhaust fan, or not oily compressed air, nitrogen blow dry, also can be naturally ventilated for 24 hours, in a word must be fully dry. Degreasing treatment after checking each tube degreasing is qualified, examination method, can be skimmed the clean gauze made plug group, tied on the wire, needle penetration nella rub, to see whether there are oil, if necessary should
To carry out laboratory tests. After the skim treatment of a few of the old cloth or plastic film must be used to the ends of the package, in order to prevent re contamination of the inner surface.
When the pipe has been installed, it should be disassembled into the pipe section without dead end, and then it will be skimmed. After installation, the stainless steel pipe fittings can not be removed must be skimmed before installation, but it must be ensured that the installation process and installation will not be contaminated.
stainless steel pipe fittings
Concentrated nitric acid plant pipe and equipment, can be installed in all, directly to 98% of the concentration of nitric acid with a pump cycle, pickling (less than or non concentrated nitric acid corrosion of the pipe must be separate skim. Stainless steel ball valves, gaskets and other stainless steel pipe fittings should also be separate from the month before the R. Pickling before the preparation of acid pickling solution, pickling, should be according to the process flow system, first washed, and then acid cycle 2 ~ 4 hours. After the analysis is qualified, then the acid will lead to another system. When the acid containing oil and other organic matter more than 0.03% or acid concentration of less than 90%, should replace the new acid, and waste acid to the underground tank. After passing the pickling, should be timely feed production, in order to avoid dilution of concentrated nitric acid on aluminum equipment and piping caused by corrosion.
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