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Detection of Tube Plate

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Tubular heat exchanger in production, tube plate and tube welding by manual arc welding, weld shape in the presence of different degrees of defects, such as depression, porosity, slag, weld seam stress distribution is not uniform.

This means that we need to do some testing work in the production process. In the detection process of tube plate, the main indexes are holes, diameter tolerances, roughness of hole, burr, slotting position and so on, for the double sheet detection process, pay more attention to the hole, two hole tube plate matching degree is very important. General CNC drilling can be guaranteed. Relative to the thick plate, more than 300mm of the hole, the verticality of the hole is very important, these large diameter thick plate, the need for more sophisticated tools and equipment, special processing center in Longmen will be more and more widely used.

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