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The difference and similarity between eccentric reducer and concentric reducer

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The pipeline will produce gas phase dielectric liquid; liquid medium will produce gas, eccentric reducer and concentric reducer are the difference lies in the purpose of reducing is achieved; and reached the discharge of liquid or gas. So according to your process requirements of discharged liquid or gas to choose the direction of concentric and eccentric reducer reducer.

First of all, the common function of the two is to change the diameter, that is, the need to change from one specification to another. However, due to the use of the environment and the different media, there are concentric and eccentric points, just like the three pass. Concentric reducer will not say, the following about eccentric reducer:

1, gas accumulation pipeline, because the gas in the pipeline will be accumulated upward, so we must use the top flat bias to prevent the gas can not be ruled out;

2, some impurities or liquid will sink to the top of the pipe, so must use bottom flat eccentric, prevent accumulation, can not be ruled out

Since it is variable diameter, then of course, it needs to be used in the place where the specifications need to be changed. Otherwise, you can’t even change it. If you change the place casually, it may cause waste of material or insufficient traffic

However, there is no use of concentric reducer restrictions; eccentric reducer in the pump and other equipment will be set up, the specific situation.

Do not say concentric reducer, that is, to change the caliber of the use of. Eccentric reducer is divided into top flat and bottom flat.

Top flat, usually used in liquid pipelines to prevent gas accumulation in the pipe. Bottom flat is generally used in the gas pipeline, to prevent the accumulation of liquid in the pipeline, there is to prevent the accumulation of impurities in the size of the head. There is the pump imports are generally flat top, in order to prevent cavitation.

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