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The distinction between forged flange and cast flange

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Flange manufacturing process, including forging and casting two processes, the two of them in the end what is the difference?

Different in craftsmanship

Forging flange process: forging is the metal heated to soften the state, through the external force hit, the formation of the required shape. Casting Farah process is: casting is the metal melt after the liquid into the mold in advance to make it cooling forming, casting process industry called Fansha.

Product quality is different

Forging flange than the cast flange its strength is relatively high, the quality is better, the general low-quality pipe will be used to connect the casting flange, high-quality pipeline forging flange for the connection.

Use the different range

Forged flange quality is better, the use of high-quality pipeline, can play a sufficient performance, is used in low-quality pipeline is of no use. Casting flange can only be used in 16Kg, normally used in 10Kg or 6Kg of the pipeline.

Temperature requirements

In addition to pressure requirements, the temperature can not be too high or too low. There is no general specification, but the important pipeline is recommended to use forging flange, such as some high temperature difference or pipe vibration place, casting flange quality may cause broken, crack, leakage and so on. Casting blanks due to the advantages of small margin in some unimportant occasions can also be used. Forged flanges do not have these defects, high-quality pipe installation is very common.

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