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What are the factors that affect the brightness of stainless steel pipe fitting

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The use of stainless steel pipe fitting is very wide, not only because of its high corrosion resistance, stainless steel tube bright and beautiful appearance also played a certain decorative role. Usually the surface of the stainless steel pipe is bright, we feel that the better the stainless steel pipe, in addition to the late grinding treatment, what factors can affect the brightness of stainless steel pipe it?
Production of stainless steel pipe fittings after annealing the brightness of the product determines the quality of the product. Affect its brightness there are many, here for everyone to talk about the most important five factors:
1, the annealing temperature is to achieve the required temperature Stainless steel pipe heat treatment is generally taken to solve the heat treatment, which is commonly known as “annealing”, the temperature range of 1040 ~ 1120 degrees (Japanese standard). You can also observe the hole through the annealing furnace observation, the annealing area of the stainless steel pipe fittings should be incandescent state, but did not appear softening spreader sagging.
2, the annealing atmosphere is generally used as the annealing atmosphere of pure hydrogen, the atmosphere purity is best to more than 99.99%, if the atmosphere is another part of the inert gas, then the purity can be lower, but definitely can not contain too much oxygen, water vapor.
3, the furnace sealed bright annealing furnace should be closed, and the outside air isolation; the use of hydrogen as a protective gas, and only one exhaust port is through (to ignite the discharge of hydrogen). Check the method can be used soap water wiping the joints in the annealing furnace joints to see whether the run; which is the most easy to run the place where the furnace into the pipe and the place where the tube, the place of the ring is particularly vulnerable to wear, Always check for regular changes.
4, to protect the gas pressure In order to prevent the occurrence of micro-leakage, the furnace gas should maintain a certain positive pressure, if it is hydrogen protection gas, the general requirements of more than 20kBar.
5, the furnace steam on the one hand to check the furnace material is dry, the first furnace, the furnace material must be dried; the second is into the furnace stainless steel pipe is too much residual water stains, special pipe above if there are holes, Do not leak into the gas, or else put the furnace atmosphere destroyed. Generally, if normal, then the furnace should be back after about 20 meters of stainless steel pipe will begin to shine, bright reflective of the kind of need to pay attention to the most important thing is that we mentioned in the above knowledge, and hope that everyone in the production When you can pay attention.
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