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Flange is an industry often used in the field of fasteners, has extremely extensive application in various industries. As in recent years, with the increase of voltage level to double circuit transmission line tower, the four circuits and so on large-scale development. The traditional Angle steel tower already cannot satisfy the requirement of circuit design. In contrast, steel pipe tower is famous for its big stiffness, clear, and the advantages of small wind power transmission path, has been more and more widely used in the line iron tower.
Commonly used steel pipe pole tower rigid flange connection and flexible connection points two kinds, they are mainly used for axial tension. Rigidity between refers to the flange plate of the flange and bolt along the direction of steel pipe set stiffening rib plate and formation of the flange with a stiffening plate. High rigid neck stainless steel flange with large stiffness and bearing capacity, the bolt force uniform, but in large Numbers in rigid flange welding operation will generate a large welding stress and welding deformation, and the setting of the stiffening plate also hindered the weld detection, quality control. For the convenience of flange manufacture and installation, to avoid a large number of welding operation, do not set stiffening plate between the flange plate and bolt, and directly by the steel pipe and flange plate welding of flange is called flexible flange. Flexible flange with concise and beautiful appearance, convenient manufacture and installation.
Stainless steel flat welding and butt welding is refers to the flange and pipe connection way of welding, the flat welding flange welding with one-side welding does not need to welded pipe and flange connection inside the mouth, the welding of butt welding flange installation requires flange welding by both sides. So flat welding flange is generally used in low and medium pressure piping, used for medium and high pressure pipe butt welding flanges, butt welding of flange is usually at least PN2.5 MPa, the butt welding is to reduce the stress concentration, generally the butt welding of flange is bring more neck flange is also called the high neck flange. So butt welding flange installation cost, labor and auxiliary material cost is higher, because many procedures.
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