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The internal structure of the casting flange is loose and uneven, and the strength and quality are difficult to be guaranteed. The forging molding is more and more energy consumption and high cost. For weeks to continuous distribution, metal grain arranged tight and neat, fast molding, low energy consumption, saving materials, good surface quality, forming quality higher, many advantages of the flange of the rapid development of rolling and forming a piece of fiber.
Test material
The deformation of lead at room temperature is similar to that of steel in hot state. It can be stopped at any time.
Pass design
Because the process of the flange rolling is a continuous rolling process in a pass, the pass is based on the external contour of the test object. For the convenience of metal flow and prevent the occurrence of local stress concentration phenomenon, neck, plate intersection is designed into a circular arc shape; in order to avoid the metal in the deformation has clamping phenomenon, pass groove design to slope.
Blank design
The rolling forming of flange has great relationship with the design of blank. So far, there has not been a certain formula to calculate the size of the flange. From the point of view of the data, and flange belong to special section ring parts rolling blank design, mostly according to past experience or approximate section of product design gives the rough approximate shape, through the test machine, again to determine the blank of the optimum size correction.
Because of the plasticity and good filling of flexible graphite, when using the pad to the matched flange sealing surface does not need to precision machining, the flange sealing surface of waterline; groove can also adapt and relatively more economical. This gasket also known as flexible graphite metal reinforced composite gasket, it is a metal tooth plate or piercing metal core plate with flexible graphite particles composite pressure into a sealing gasket, which is usually made of flexible graphite composite reinforced board, a typical flexible graphite metal reinforced composite flange gasket.

According to the needs, flexible graphite metal composite flange gasket can be made with stainless steel or carbon steel inner wrapping or outside wrapping. The main features of the gasket is: good resistance to high and low temperature, have corrosion resistant, radiation resistant performance, high strength, used in high pressure conditions. The required pre tightening force is smaller than that of a metal pad or a metal wound gasket.

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