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Flange type fixed ball valve

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Flange type fixed ball valve is more suitable for industrial grade stainless steel application than ordinary stainless steel ball valve. Now, the stainless steel ball valve for the industry, mainly natural gas, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, and other industries and contain hydrogen sulfide medium, impurities and corrosion of natural gas pipeline.

Characteristics of flange type fixed ball valve

1. This kind of stainless steel ball valve seat usually adopts spring structure. When it is used, it will push the valve seat to the sphere, which can ensure good sealing performance.

2, in the fixed ball valve before the valve seat can be sealed, that is, two-way sealing features, the use of its own discharge valve, the valve body cavity can also be discharged outward.

3. The pivot of stainless steel ball valve adopts anti blow out protection structure and low friction coefficient bearing. Stainless steel has excellent application performance and high reliability.

4, the overall design of such stainless steel ball valve is good, with full passage, emergency sealing and fire protection.

5, stainless steel ball valve flow channel hole diameter and pipe diameter and diameter in line with, cleaning the pipeline is very convenient.

6, when the valve is closed, on the downstream side of the seat to block fluid, and deposit the valve in the cavity can be discharged, discharge device can have leakage damage in advance to check the valve seat, reducing medium pollution on valve replacement, in addition to the work under pressure, the valve is fully open or fully closed state, can also be replace the stem packing department.

7. This kind of stainless steel ball valve has automatic pressure relief function. Valve in the cavity of stagnation medium, because the temperature increases and abnormal rise, the valve seat or valve installed on the valve will be able to automatically relieve pressure.

8, its fire protection structure is very scientific. Because the ball valve using double seal, so when a fire occurs, in the non metallic valve seat after burning, the medium will be compressed on the body sphere metal sealing surface, you can block a large number of media leakage.

9. It has emergency sealing function. In the valve seat and stem seals due to damage caused by media leakage, you can inject grease through the sealing grease, thus playing an instant emergency sealing role.

10. This kind of stainless steel ball valve has longer valve stem. Extended stem for underground installation and low temperature medium, and lengthened size can also be determined as needed. Ball valve equipment operations are manual, pneumatic, electric, gas-liquid linkage, hydraulic and so on.

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