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Flanged Butterfly Valve

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Flanged butterfly valve

Overview: butterfly valve by way of connection classification, the most basic can be divided into: folder-type butterfly valve

And flanged butterfly valve, flange type butterfly valve can also be divided into flange type soft seal butterfly valve and

Flange type hard seal butterfly valve.

Flange-type soft seal butterfly valve: for metallurgical, chemical, power and municipal engineering and water plants and other media for water,

Oil and air on the pipeline, from the cut off the fluid or adjust the role of medium flow, the specific features are:

1, the design of new structure, the overall size of small, light weight.

2, butterfly board with double eccentric, open and close quickly, the operation of light and effort.

3, butterfly plate and seal between the non-sliding friction, sealing surface wear, long life, reliable sealing, easy to adjust.

Flange-type hard seal butterfly valve with the following characteristics:

1, butterfly plate seal for the soft and hard laminated metal sheet, with a metal hard seal and elastic seal of the double advantages,

Both in the case of low temperature and high temperature, have excellent sealing performance.

2, the use of three-dimensional eccentric structure, the valve seat and butterfly plate almost no friction, with the more tight tight tight seal function.

3, the valve body sealing surface, the use of surfacing stainless steel, cobalt-based carbide, sealing surface wear, long service life.

4, the structure of unique, flexible operation, effort, convenience, from the ring pressure high and low impact, reliable sealing performance.


1. Structure length is short, light weight; parts selection well.

2. Valve flap for the double-plate truss flow, flow resistance is small, to improve the flow of media Efficiency and thus save the pump electricity and operating efficiency, PN6 was a single flat Plate type.

3. Valve seat with stainless steel, with a special bonding agent fixed to the valve body;

The valve seal is embedded in the serrated form directly with rubber Buttocks or bolts fixed, so have a simple structure, good sealing and so on Features.

4. Use the US patent design withdrawal pin structure to replace the shaft and the valve between the keys

Connection structure, in addition to the parts can be interchangeable and can be close to the valve shaft valve flap

Together without gaps, not loose.

5. Do not remove the valve shaft from the valve, the valve can replace the ring.

6. The bearings of the valve shaft are self-lubricating bearings, the friction resistance is small in operation, And no oiling.

7. Valve seal ring and valve body on the contact interface up to about ± ℃ Without leaking.

Main Specifications:

Nominal diameter (mm) DN350-DN2600

Nominal pressure PN6 PN10 PN16

Maximum working pressure MPa 0.6 1 1.6

Seal test pressure MPa 0.66 1.1 1.76

Strength Test pressure MPa 0.9 1.5 2.4

Applicable medium water, sewage

Medium temperature ≤ 65 

Medium flow rate ≤ 3M / S

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