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For the installation of stainless steel pipe fittings and piping

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Piping installation must be checked before the stainless steel pipe fittings, pipe fittings and support, preparation of the materials. Including the quantity, material, processing quality, as well as internal anti-corrosion lining and cleaning quality. The valve, especially the safety valve are subject to unpick and wash, such as inspection, testing, adjust the qualified. To install the scene to conduct a survey at the same time, to clear up the location of the pipe laying, if a bracket parts and various construction conditions. Such as wear wall, the roof of the hole with and without good, hoisting tools and scaffold preparation, etc. For the installation site has transport inflammable, explosive medium line and belongs to the fire area construction, must make relevant safety measures, go through the formalities when hot.
In piping installation and maintenance, in addition to the design location specified on drawing, also should consider the following points, make the pipe laying more reasonable:
When the stainless steel pipe has a variety of line height is arranged on the pipe rack. General heat pipe road, a small diameter pipe, should be no corrosive medium in the pipeline and gas pipeline laying in upper part, and the high pressure pipe fittings and stainless steel need to check the piping should be equipped in the position of easy to check and repair. When horizontal arrangement, usually large pipes, stainless steel pipe fittings at room temperature and the weight is bigger, stronger vibration line should be located in or close to a wall bracket stigma.

The relative distance between pipe and stainless steel pipe fittings, shall be installed in order to facilitate maintenance. Heat preservation and valves and other something for easy setting for the principle. General line highlights (such as bone, non-standard flange, the outer wall, outside wall insulation layer, is apart from the wall or column about the gap, about 100 mm: highlights of clearance between stainless steel pipe fittings can be in 40 ~ 90 millimeter, installation of two valves, side by side clearance between the wheel rim should people in 100 mm.

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