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Bend pipe is generally used standard stainless steel elbow, stainless steel elbow for most cases, the bending of the tube cold bending and bending can be used two ways, cold-formed under normal ambient temperature will bend pipe formed type, bending is heated to a certain extent, and then bend-shaping.
Cold-formed tube for smaller caliber, bending generally also called cuddle bend, commonly used in large-diameter and thick-walled tubes (such as high-pressure pipes, etc.) is bent. It can ensure bent into type quality stainless steel pipe fittings, before work most can be manually operated, for labor-intensive, low efficiency, to meet the development of chemical production, there are many specialized bending stainless steel pipe fittings equipment, greatly improving the Kanji stainless steel efficiency and quality fittings.
Tube bending, always being on the outside of the pipeline stretch, closed the inside is compressed, so the process of bending stainless steel fittings make the entire outer wall thinning. This phenomenon is more evident in the case of smaller bend radius, in order to ensure the quality of stainless steel tube bending, avoid outside of the tube wall thickness thinning, you must be a reasonable choice of bend radius bending stainless steel pipe fittings.

Practice has proved that the bending radius of the pipe, can be selected according to the nominal diameter, while also considering stainless steel elbow wall and thickness, as well as filling material filler tube and other factors.

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