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Forming technology and application specific properties of stainless steel reducer

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The molding technology of the stainless steel reducer: first of all we need to welding a cross section of polygon edges ring shell or blockade on both ends of multi sector, such as internal pressure medium, full of pressure and internal pressure under the action of cross section of polygonal gradually became round, finally became a circular ring shell, Reducer of the material is special, in certain areas show different use value, to some extent, affects the development of other industries, so we are manufacture must pay attention to detail, to ensure product quality.

Special application performance: reducer using the unique properties of rubber, high elasticity, high air tightness, for example, medium resistance and radiation, high strength, after high temperature, high temperature moulding crosslinking, internal density is high, can bear high pressure, the elastic deformation effect is excellent.

Stainless steel reducer’s end arc high product structure design, curve length, has a large number of displacement function, especially used in complex geological conditions, sedimentation rate and cold heat changes in the operation of the pipeline are pipeline damage, reducer using the elastic sliding displacement and deformation of the rubber mechanical force of heat dissipation function effectively eliminate the pump, valve and pipe displacement of its own physical damage.

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