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The function of the pipe reducer

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The pipe reducer is also one of the chemical pipe fittings used for the connection of two different pipe diameters. It is divided into concentric pipe reducer and eccentric pipe reducer.
pipe reducer for diameter specification does not accord with the inner diameter of the process piping, should undertake the corresponding reducing or expanding process, if the shrink tube, pipe pressure loss caused by this should be considered whether will affect the process. In order to prevent the installation of pipe reducer influence the distribution of velocity field, pressure loss, and reduce the measurement accuracy of electromagnetic flowmeter, the requirements of the central Angle alpha is not more than 15 °, as small as possible. There are divided into two concentric and eccentric, concentric pipe reducer is generally used in vertical pipe; The eccentric pipe reducer is used for the horizontal pipe, and it should be noted that the top level or the bottom level.
There are several main places:
1. When the flow of fluid in the pipe changes, such as increase or decrease, the flow rate of the flow will not change very much.
2. Pump inlet to prevent cavitation.
3. Contact with the instrument, such as flowmeter and regulating valve, in order to cooperate with the instrument’s joint, the pipe reducer should also be used

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