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Heat treatment technology of reducer

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In reducing reducer fittings or expanding deformation process, according to different materials and variable diameter pipe fittings used in cold or hot. Normally, as far as possible by cold pressing, but the multiple variable diameter caused by the severe strain hardening, the thick or wall thickness of alloy steel material appropriate USES hot-pressing. Expanding forming is to use less than the size of the big end diameter tube billet, use
Die forming along the tube billet diameter hole enlargement. Variable diameter hole enlargement process mainly solved the size of the big head not easy through reducing forming, sometimes according to the requirements of the materials and products forming, expanding and reducing method of combination.
Because the size of the head with heating after pressing tee, material forming required equipment tonnage. Hot tee with wider adaptability of material, used for low carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel materials; Especially the tee large diameter and wall thickness, usually use this forming process. In addition to the use of steel as raw material to produce size head, the size of the specifications of department head can also be used steel plate stamping forming technology is adopted to improve the yield. Used by stretching die design with reference to the size of the head of the inner surface appearance, size, use after blanking punching die, stamping steel stretch forming.
Tee hot-pressing forming is more than three links of the diameter of the tube billet, flattening diameter size, about to tee at the site of the tensile branch open a hole; Tube billet heating, in the forming die, and within the tube billet load stretching pipe punching die; Under the action of pressure pipe by radial compression, in the radial direction of compression in the process of the metal to the size of the head piece activity and formation of branch pipe under stretch of progressive die. The whole process of the pipe is made by the radial compression and branch pipe drawing process and forming parts.
Reducer of the production standard
Reducer of the stamping method:
(1) because when stamping die to ensure the stamping precision of size and shape, and generally does not destroy the surface of the stamping parts quality, and the life of the mould are long, so the quality of stamping not disorderly, good compatibility, has the characteristics of “the same”.
(2) stamping, generally no chip broken material naturally, less material consumption, and do not need other heating equipment, it is a kind of material, machining method of energy saving, stamping parts of the capital is low.
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