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Stainless steel flange often need to be flat heat seal, if there is no additional sealing pressure sealant in a separate area, affected by the pressure, will cause manufacturing inaccuracy or deformation, that is to say, in a separate area will appear leakage under pressure, pressure and unplanned repair. The current application in the field of high temperature plane sealing is good brocade high-temperature sealant, its special formula in the high temperature steam and gas turbine and the flange standard applications keep inert, so it can bear the hot air, steam, water, light fuel oil and lubricant, can be resistant to oil and gas.
Stainless steel flange is one kind of one-component, paste sealants, industrial use, sealing compounds with high quality, suitable for smooth, level off sealing surface (butt joint) the condition of high temperature and pressure requirement. Using plaster knife or rubber scraper booth coating on the surface drying. Due to sealing products won’t cure, but its consistency will slightly change, maintain flexibility and elasticity, so no time requirements, the use finished, can immediately into the running, do not need to wait. Has the scratch if you want to repair the damage of high temperature sealing surface, should cooperate with high temperature F series using repair products.
The corrosion of stainless steel flange, is usually characterized by the thinning of the wall of the stainless steel flange, a partial pits and pitting. Stainless steel flange corrosion detection method is the method of magnetic flux leakage and ultrasonic test. Magnetic flux leakage method, the basic principle of magnetic flux leakage method is based on the high permeability of the properties of ferromagnetic materials.
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