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The historical development of flange

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The flange of the casting is the first time in 1809 by the British Irish tjaart (Erchardt) proposed, until the early twentieth Century was gradually being used to promote the flange. In 30s, our country began to make use of the casting and so on flange tube, tube casting such as iron pipe, copper sleeve, cylinder liner, bimetal steel back copper sleeve and so on. In the heat resistant steel roller, some special steel seamless tube blank, paper machine drying drum and other aspects of production, flange casting method is also very effective. At present, the system has a standard flange highly mechanized and automatic casting machine, has built mechanized mass production workshop pipe flange. Almost all the cast alloy can be used for American Standard casting flange, flange castings minimum diameter up to 8 mm, the maximum diameter of up to 3m, casting the maximum length of up to 8m, the flange casting weight range for a few tens of thousands of cattle (oregano against a few kilograms to more than and 10 tons).
Because of flange casting, liquid metal is in the case of rotating mold filling and solidification, so it has the characteristics of flange casting: liquid metal free surface can form a cylindrical hollow in the mold, so that they can be cast in the casting hollow without core can greatly simplify the production process of pipe sleeve. Casting, the casting process is greatly simplified, high productivity and low cost; because the standard flange force generated by the rotation of the liquid metal, can improve the ability of filling metal casting flange casting process, so some poor fluidity of alloy and thin-walled castings are available flange casting due to flange force; the role of improving the feeding conditions, gas and nonmetallic inclusions also easily discharged from the liquid metal, so the flange casting organization is compact, the shrinkage hole (porosity), gas The utility model has the advantages of few defects such as holes, inclusions, good mechanical properties, etc. the utility model can eliminate or greatly save the metal consumption of the gating system and the riser, and the metal utilization rate is high.
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