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How to choose gasket

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A, the related factors should be considered when choosing gasket to know:

A. to seal of highly toxic chemicals, chooses gasket safety performance is stronger, so as to guarantee; For transporting flammable liquid pipeline system, the need to pay attention to the gasket on the flange of the highest working pressure and temperature to control within a certain range, try not to exceed this temperature value;

B. should plasticity and good, can with the flange sealing surface perfect unifies in together, this is you like to see;

C. product processing performance is very good, in the installation and compaction is becomes with ease, do not have any inconvenience factors of resistance;

D. non-caking flange sealing surface, remove it really is easy.

E. to has a tendency to stress corrosion cracking of some metal flange, guarantee the gasket material won’t pile up too much of a corrosive impurities, such as control the content of chlorine ion gasket in case of our chosen flange produce certain corrosion effect;

F. can good compression and rebound resilience is a fundamental guarantee, can adapt to the temperature and pressure fluctuations, it is extremely crucial point;

2, selection or order gasket should master first close technical data should be included, the following contents:

A. match the flange sealing surface type and size, as the saying goes “suitable”; that is the reason why

B. the size of the flange and gasket nominal diameter range value;

C. the flange and gasket nominal pressure to know related information;

D. leave medium temperature control is the most key;

E. the medium of the keep properties to grasp clearly.

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