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How to connect pipeline with pipe cap?

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Pipe Cap and dished head are similar in shape, material for stainless steel is more, pipe cap size is relatively small, forging; a little more dished head size, generally with the pressing of steel, pipe cap is generally used for the end of the pipe, head for container equipment (vertical) equipment parts or left and right ends (horizontal). The convex cap includes a hemispherical, oval disc cap, pipe cap and spherical cap. Look at the convex cap from the hemispherical force from the angle of.
Pipe Cap is directly welded to die at the end of the pipeline; at the end of the pipeline can also welding flange, then with a blind flange to death, when necessary can open the blind flange, pipeline check inside.
The conventional cap holder with pressure pressing made by thick wall; forging; by spinning large diameter.
The need for maintenance or even after the connecting line, with blind, not later, with a pipe cap. With the blind plate has the possibility of leakage, there is a long time, and screw rust died, as useless, the heat pipe is not very easy to heat insulation.
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