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How to deal with the rough surface of stainless steel flange

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Flange surface is smooth and decided the sealing surface of the connection effect, in the usual contact will have many such rough stainless steel flange, it is difficult to seal, so the roughness of the stainless steel flange for sealing effect is very important, here and share with you why roughness determine the connection quality of the stainless steel flange.
First of all, it is clear that the surface roughness of the stainless steel flange has a great influence on the sealing effect, especially when the non soft gasket is used, the sealing surface roughness is the main cause of leakage.
One reason. Turning stainless steel flange surface knife grain, for example, is the spiral line and using the metal gasket, if the roughness value larger pads can not blocked knife grain
The spiral groove is formed under the pressure of the medium, the medium can be leaked out of the groove. Soft sealing gasket on the surface of the stainless steel flange to the extent
Demand much lower. This is because it is easy to deform, can block the cutter profile, so as to prevent leakage. On the soft gasket, stainless steel flange and too smooth
Adverse, because at this time the resistance to the leakage of the interface becomes smaller.
So, if the stainless steel flange surface roughness is larger, we can use some soft gasket, in conjunction with the flange bolts to ensure that the stainless steel flange of the seal, as to how to choose in concrete flange gasket. This is usually the accumulation of experience.
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